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Gajendra Shekhawat

Web Design & Development

The Internet has brought us very close to each other. Almost every other person in this world knows how to surf the internet. However, the most important part of it is not the surfing, but efficient information extraction. Thanks to the search engines and the social network services, that process only now rests a few clicks away.

There are literally millions of websites out there. Each website is among the two categories stated below.

The Static Website

This kind of website has pages ranging from two to thousands, depending upon the function of the website. The interactions that are allowed to us in this type of website are limited but only required as such because of the function of the website.

The Dynamic Website

The websites that allow more interactions, and have new pages included in them literally every minute are called dynamic websites. All of your favorite social media networks or e-commerce websites among others are the websites that come in this category.

The Website Development and Design of both of the websites
The types of websites described above have different ways in which they are built or designed. In case of the static website, complex coding isn’t involved. But when we talk about the dynamic websites, the programming that is to be done involves writing markups and coding at a very complex rate.

SEO Strategies

The importance of the SEO in terms of bringing the website into the limelight cannot be neglected. But just like the different website building and designing approaches, both the types of websites use different SEO strategies.

In terms of the first one, few keywords are needed to rank the websites in organic searches. However, to rank the dynamic websites, dynamic SEO is followed. The keywords generated by a dynamic website are many in number and they keep on updating.

Our Approach

When it comes to website development, we employ all the necessary platforms that are needed in this endeavor:

The web engineering which involves every detail used in coding and writing markups
The web designing that adds the spice to a website
Content development where any type of tangible content is produced for fruitful visitor interactions
Scripting of the server from the client side, and Maintaining efficient security of the website.

We take the aspirations of our customers seriously. The team that works on both the development and the design of a website are equipped with the right knowledge of the two separate disciplines.

What sets us separate from other vendors in the market is that we live up to the expectations of our customers. While others charge people with whatever they come up with, we only take a fee for our efforts that is worthy of. Even, we do not take orders that we think ourselves ill-suited for.

There is a whole world of opportunities waiting for you once you set your website according to the norms of the internet these days. We can help you build a website that is not only functional but also search engine friendly. If you want to be amazed like the rest of our customers, feel free to contact us.